Our Team

About us

Our team comprises active scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, who are working at the forefront of innovation in their respective fields, being key contributors to numerous patents, publications, and product launches in the market. 

We provide comprehensive insights and services to guide investors, companies and startups through the dynamic landscapes of Sustainable Materials, Cellular Agriculture, and Bioengineering.

Alexandre Morel, PhD

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Bioengineering – Biomaterials  – CellAgri – Venture Capital – IP

Rubina Ajdary, PhD

Fibers & Spinning Technologies – Cellulose – Nanomaterials

Beat Thalmann, Dr rer. nat.

Cell Line Development – Media Development – Fermentation – Serial Entrepreneur

Armin Picenoni, MSc

Rapid Prototyping – Product Engineering – Tissue Reactors – Risk & Safety Assessment