Sustainable Materials

Breaking the Plastic Monopoly: The Emergence of Bio-Based Materials

As our oceans continue to be inundated with plastic pollution, we need to shift towards more sustainable practices. Bio-based materials have emerged as an innovative and rapidly evolving industry. Derived from renewable resources like plants and agricultural waste, these materials are now taking center stage, offering a promising and viable solution to the environmental issues associated with oil-based plastics.

Plastic materials

Non-Plastic Packaging Solutions

While bioplastics, like PLA, successfully replaced oil-based plastics in various applications like 3D printing and medical devices, they fell short of meeting the promised expectations as packaging solutions. A new wave of eco-friendly alternatives is emerging, with truly biodegradable materials.

Bio-based Materials - Sustainable Packaging

Here, we will explore the various sources and technologies around this new generation of materials, their performance characteristics, the challenges they face, particularly in relation to regulations, and the opportunities they present. 

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